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Nando’s RICCARTON Christchurch-opening hours

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Nando’s RICCARTON Christchurch-opening hours

Glenfield, Auckland. Nando’s soon caught on in this beautiful land where people have a love for life that extends into many different outdoor activities from their obsession with rugby to their passion for sailing. New Zealand is not big when it comes to population but they are big on character and they have taken to Nando’s with our unique approach to casual eating.
-Marinated Skinless Chicken Breast grilled and
basted in Lemon & Herb or Mild, Hot or Extra Hot Peri-Peri
-Available in a toasted soft burger bun with fresh lettuce,
tomato and mayonnaise
-Or in a warm Pita Pocket with diced cucumber, tomato,
lettuce & mayonnaise
-You can add egg, pineapple or cheese
-Add an extra breast to make it a Double Breast Burger
-Vegetarian Burgers & Pitas are also available!
-Available in combos
-Strips of Marinated Chicken Breast fillet,
grilled & basted in Lemon & Herb or Mild,
-Hot or Extra Hot Peri-Peri
-Served on a bed of Portuguese salad; Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, capsicum & olives
– Dressed in Nando’s “Trio of Roasted Bell

35a Riccarton Road, Christchurch
P: 3 348-4660
F: 3 348 4662

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